For the work of "Proposition 14" text by Junya Utsumi

AUGUST 31, 2015

Towa Takaya creates with her paintings, wether abstract or figurative, a space in which physically and relation between materials are presented (not represented) in a different way from the world they usually belong to.

Proposition series is an on going project, inspired by Ludwig Wittegenstain’s Tractates Logico-Philosophicus; “whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”

Towa displays this proposition as a painting. In other words, her painting in this series points out the space where language doesn’t start to generate meaning but have presence; like, the sounds of bird cries and a ripple. 

Proposition 14 bodies that seem incomplete but exist as bodies; while a child conceived in the right figure begins to have his/her body, he/she is still physically and ontologically connected to the expecting figure. Thus, the presence in ambivalent state (with regards to meaning, corporeality and sex0 is thrown into the world on the bid canvas, and there of affirmatively recognized as being-there. 

In this way, Towa proposes as paintings the origin of space where we cannot speak.Thence, appearance of objects in the painting displays the presence, or being in functions as symbol or sign. 

Words by Junya Utsumi