• Appeared on TV program “The Night Before the Break - Artists of the Next Generation”

    JUNE 02, 2024

    Takaya Towa appeared on TV program “The Night Before the Break - Artists of the Next Generation” broadcast on BS Fuji. The program introduces next-generation artists who will go on to become global artists every week, and broadcasts behind-the-scenes information about their work and their exhibitions. You can watch the video clips at the following page.

  • Showing new work of virtual reality in 2020

    OCTOBER 30, 2020
    art work

    Towa Takaya's digital work for her on going series of "Otherwise than being" has just opened for public. This series begin in 2017 and she has been trying to develop the space painted into virtual reality. For previewing the digital work, please click the link shown below.

  • Lecture in the department of Art and Culture of Joshibi University of Art and Design

    OCTOBER 26, 2020
    art work

    Towa Takaya (born in 1992, Tokyo JPN) is going to have a talk iIn the lecture of art activity at at Joshibi University of Art and Design. she is going to talk not only about her activities as an artist but also works as a founder of  alternative art space / gallery "why not ?"For further details, please contact to the university. Address: 1st building, Sagamihara Campus, Mamizodai, Minami-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-8538 Tel :+81(0)42-778-6685 E-mail :

  • Artist's Talk with Moemi Takano

    OCTOBER 23, 2020

    Towa Takaya is currently having a open studio. The visitors and she would have a conversation about the topic relating with her art practice and this is going to be an opportunity to see her painting. On 23rd in October, Towa invited Moemi Takano (b,1993 Contemporary artist based in Yokohama)and had an online streaming, discussing about recent everyday practice and Towa's large paintings of which are titled "Propositions".

  • Artist's Talk with James Bowen

    OCTOBER 15, 2020

    Towa Takaya (born in 1992, Tokyo JPN) has discussed about the theme and thoughts behind her work of paintings, and her current trials with James Bowen as a guest speaker in Oct, 2020.